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What I have been up to lately. ^-^



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I would greatly appreciate it!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old Stuff I Still Like

There's Really No Point in Telling You My Name... by SkeletonnyDragon Ball Der by SkeletonnyChibiPool and ChibiCrawler by SkeletonnyDaryll Can't Concentrate by SkeletonnyJust Call Me... Samm by Skeletonny

My BLEACH Original Universe

My Main Characters

Aneko Sakurai :: Post-Chidokeshi's Completion by SkeletonnyTenma Kirin :: Post-Chidokeshi's Completion by SkeletonnyChidokeshi Hijoshiki :: Post-His Completion by Skeletonny
Aneko Sakurai Tenma Kirin Chidokeshi Hijoshiki

Other Charatcers who are within my Bleach Universe

Mizuki Tanaka and Kaori by SkeletonnyMizuki Tanaka and Kaori
Hikaru Saitou --Human Form-- by SkeletonnyHikaru Saitou
Takahashi Tsukyomi by SkeletonnyTakahashi Tsukiyomi
Akira Hattori by Skeletonny Akira Harrori
Chi-Chi's Happy Notches :: Asura 629 and Rin by Skeletonny Asura and Rin
(Chidokeshi's Slaves or "Happy Notches" as he calls them)
GIFT :: Satashi Nakamura by Skeletonny Satashi Nakamura
Hotaru Akatsuki :: A Side Project for ChiChi by Skeletonny Hotaru Akatsuki
Sai Yuzakiri :: Post-Chidokeshi's Completion by Skeletonny Sai Yuzakiri
(Chidokeshi's Innocence)

Kiba Shuusuke :: Pre-Chidokeshi's Completion by SkeletonnyAnd Tenma's Zanpakuto (spirit form) Known as Chidoku Akkikage but goes by Kiba Shuusuke for some reason.



More Practice #1 by Skeletonny
More Practice #1


Neko Emoji-21 (Sweat or Creep out) [V2] 
Well.... this is the most nudity I have ever drawn, let alone posted online. Expect a male equivalent of this soon. I'm practicing my style's anatomy. Also, dont expect more nudity from me. I don't want people thinking that that's what I do. I usually try drawing for family-ish audiences. Nips is as far as I go (I dont really consider them that sexual, on men nor women, so I dont really see an issue in drawing them. Genitalia on the other hand? Man, you bess fo-get it, gurl).

Thats all I got to say about this.... ahahah

Chidokeshi's trolling bugging you? Check out the uncensored version on my facebook page.

Warning: Nipples ahead!…
Yushiki Hiro :: Captain of Squad 10 by Skeletonny
Yushiki Hiro :: Captain of Squad 10
Yushiki Hiro

For most of his life, Yushiki Hiro has been stuck in bed and away from the sun. Yushiki was born with very sensitive skin, and too much contact with the sun renders him weak and hurts him in nearly every way. Unable to ever truly live a life, Yushiki befriended a man who could; Akio Teruka. Akio lived life to the fullest, and he shared his experiences with Yushiki, in hopes it would cheer him up. When Akio joined the Gotei 13, he also shared everything he learned with Yushiki. And as Akio became captain the visits became less frequent and Yushiki's health began to take a turn for the worst. When one day Akio came to visit and found Yushiki collapsed on the floor, Akio took him to Squad 4's Captain at the time, Sai Yuzakiri, and Sai took care of Yushiki for a month. One day, Yushiki woke up and was feeling healthy and alive. Sai provided him with a special ointment so Yushiki could safely go out in the sun. Finally Yushiki was able to live a life. With this new found life, Yushiki decided to become a shinigami. He used the knowledge passed down to him from Akio and over a coarse of fifty years, joined the Gotei 13 as Captain of Squad 10, replacing the newly deceased Kuhaku Togoshi. It has been just over a day since his joining the Gotei 13 as Captain, and Akio isn't the only one interested in seeing how he handles himself.

Yushiki has duel zanpakuto: One creates light, and the other controls and freely manipulates shadows as he sees fit. During the day, Yushiki is extremely weakened , but by night he moves faster and his spiritual energy is heightened as the moon shines brightest. Yushiki is extremely polite and very well mannered. He fully respects his authorities and always uses honorific. 

He is the nicest character I have ever created.

Akio Teruka
Akio Teruka by aki-key
Kurohime and Tenma Kirin :: A New Quest by Skeletonny
Kurohime and Tenma Kirin :: A New Quest
Kurohime Gaikotsu
Tenma Kirin

After leaving innocent Kirin in Karakura Town to try and talk her way back into the Seireitei, Aneko Sakurai was beaten and captured by Captains Hyosuke, Satashi Nakamura and Minato Sano, leaving Kirin all alone in the human world. By chance, Kirin was found by Kurohime Gaikotsu, who took him in after he took injury from a stray hollow he had defeated. As innocent Kirin woke up in a strange ware house that Kurohime called her home, another hollow appeared and chased them into the forest just outside the town, after destroying her home. In an abandoned for the winter track field, Kirin and Kurohime discovered that Kurohime was actualy in fact a shinigami, and as Kirin was rendered incapacitated by the hollow, Kurohime summoned her forgotten powers and struck the hollow down. Witnessing the battle go down, Third Seat of Squad 9, Kazuya Tanaka came to the young Kirin's aid. As Kazuya touched Kirin on his shoulder with the Tanaka family markings, Kirin's spirit energy went while, causing Kirin's body to change and through itself around. Seeing how the hollows he was sent for had been dealt with, Kazuaya decided that dealing with Kirin's troubles were far too troublesome and returned to the seireitei to claim victory over hollows he did not slay, laving Kirin's passed out body lying in the snow and a confuse Kurohime holding Kirin.

Four days past, and Kirin had woken up and found that he had become his old self again... with two major flaws; His is still contained in a child form, and his Zanpakuto has forgotten it's real name. Kirin had become Tenma yet again, but he didn't have the power to do anything himself, thus he and Kurohime formed a bond. She had no idea who she really was, and Tenma would need her help to become who he really is to save his friends, the universe, and Aneko Sakurai.
But first, they must teach Kurohime how to use her shinigami powers that she didn't know she had.

Kurohime is the Ex-captain of squad 11, Tenma's old Captain while he was still apart of the Gotei 13. Back then, Kurohime was a mean and violent woman that was eventually turned criminal and fled from the Seireitei. In an attempt to help her redeem herself, Tenma chased after her but as they arrived in the World of the Living, Kurohime sustained and horrible head injury causing her to black out for many years and lose her memory completely. Tenma set her up with a special gigai that suppressed her natural powers so no shinigami could find her or know what she really was in order to help her evade prosecution. Before Tenma was captured and experimented on by Chidokeshi and disappeared, Tenma looked after Kurohime the best he could. She was his Captain, and even though she was hard on him and teased him with a seated position all the time, he still respected her. A few years after Tenma was experimented on, Kurohime woke up and began living a life a simple human, unaware of what she really was. And the injury sustained not only erased her memory, but changed who she was, a kind and happy person, the person Tenma always knew she could be if she would just try. But there is no argument that she still had some of her old self in tacked, at times Kurohime can be irrational and violent if pushed hard enough. At least now she doesn't like hurting people.

Okay, since my friend Aki-key joined my Bleach OC Universe, a lot has happened in Tenma's ever changing life. It all happened in a couple role play sessions, so there was a lot, but I hope that the above was enough to summorize the jist. If you are confused, go ahead and leave a squestion. I love questions about my universe! ^_^

Past Forms of Tenma Kirin

Tenma Kirin :: Post-Chidokeshi's Completion by SkeletonnyTenma Kirin :: Pre-Chidokeshi's Completion by SkeletonnyTenma Kirin- Spawn of the Maggot's Nest by SkeletonnyThe Laughing Bankai by SkeletonnyTenma Kirin -- Visored/Bankai by SkeletonnyTenma Kirin :: Pre-Universal Battle by Skeletonny

Which one is your favorite?

Hyousuke :: True Terror on Mankind by Skeletonny
Hyousuke :: True Terror on Mankind

After over one thousand-six-hundred and thirty seven years inprisoned in the Hell Verse, Head Captain Commander Kyofuhime Kagesakura inexplicably released Hyousuke back into the world; and as a Captain of the Gotei 13, squad 13. Aside from his past crimes against the Seireitei, not much is known about Hyousuke. What is known is that he is a vicious brute who feeds off violence and chaos, but for some reason (since his release) has been abnormally tame. Some believe that his time in repentance has truly changed the beast, then he destroys a civilian carnival and those people take back those words.

Oh my lord. This is one of my favorite characters already. He's different from the other characters I've created. I usually try to stay away from fire since it's so popular but it just seemed to work for him. His zanpakuto's blade is razor hot when he injects his reietsu into his left hand. I haven't designed his bankai yet, but it will have something to do with lava. Aaaah gawd, I'm in love again.

Oh, I also have another version of him on dA, heres the link!
Hyousuke :: The New Captain of Squad 13 by Skeletonny

I'm thinking about changing my username from Skeletonny, is that a bad idea? 

10 deviants said No, go ahead
6 deviants said Yes. (give me reason, please)
I would first like to start off by saying; Thank you all for contributing in my contest! It makes me very happy that those who did enter, entered! Thank you!
Now I would like to say; I loved all the submissions, but this contest can really only have one winner, so please don't think I didn't like your submission just cause I could only pick one. If I have fun drawing this picture I WILL do this again, then you can reenter! ^_^

Now the winner
You Will Remember Me For Centuries by KurohimeKurai
You will remember me for centuries :ContestEntry:The sound of the bodies hitting the ground beneath her feet was an instant gratification to the maniacal Espada that ranked in at number three. A snicker escaped the crazed grin upon her face as she studied her handiwork, wiping her blood smeared hands onto the pants of her clothes. The rush of bloodlust heightened her senses, her heart beat quickening with the burst of adrenaline coursing through her veins. Oh, how she loved this feeling; she felt as if she was glowing with beauty!
Picking her way through the mess she had created, Rika’s lapis colored eyes found her favorite quarry. Crouching down closer to the corpse, the Tercera’s fingers gently caressed the cheek of the shinigami she had slain. It was all just a game to the woman, a game in which she intended to win. Her digits then moved to the collar of the shinigami’s shihakusho, grasping onto it firmly as she stood to her full height. Her job was not yet done. She was tasked with finding this Tanaka fellow, an

Thank you for entering my little contest!! I had fun reading all your pairings, and I wish I could draw every single one of them!!
But I'm way to lazy for that.... hehe
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I draw in a lot of different styles, and that's because I am always experimenting and trying new things with my art. They may or may not be very noticeable at times, but I am always trying hard to increase my anime skills!!

I work hard on all transactions, even the sketches. And I know at times I may take a while to get work done, but I always fulfill my promises!

Unless I don't like the way you handle business...


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